Maria Kopelent, born in Munich in 1960, Diplom Psychologist, consultant, located in Regensburg, Bavaria.

Origin: Service sector companies, study of Psychology (Regensburg, Erlangen, Cologne universities), during school and university while part time managing the family company, cooperation in a software company, co founding of a firm, work in a center for social support...

Using a holistic approach to corporate development Maria Kopelent has developed her Effect Analysis and Effect Spiral methods in industry and business throughout Germany, Europe and the US since 1988. See also: The holistic product "Your Key to the Customer" for optimization of customer relations and of the internal orientation and cooperation. Separately or additionally: Change Management, Individual Consulting and Personality Analysis, Team Synchronization.

Additional qualification in Individual Consultation and Psychotherapy, Moderation, Steering of Group Processes, Conflict Management/Mediation, Team and Organization Development, and Management of Change Projects.

Early on while helping out in the medium sized business of her parents, working in her brother’s software company or helping friends starting companies, Maria Kopelent experienced that companies could be helped through the application of psychological methods. She put this experience into action right away after completing her university studies. Her Effect Analyses are based on the recognition that a neutral observer can detect various perspectives in and around a company, analyze them and add additional perspectives in order to provide management and employees a secure basis for decision making, dealing with changes and steering the company’s further development methodically.

The Effect Analysis reflects the actual view of all parties concerned who ‘must know it’, who are involved in the business and have some level of insight: customers, employees, partners, prospects. Depth interviews will provide direct access to their thoughts and experience. Therefore an Effect Analysis enables a view from different perspectives within a context – gathered openly and neutrally, bundled and then evaluated systematically. It represents a sensitive measuring instrument of the relationships between the indicated parties and the company.

Latest work: "Your Key to the Customer", the optimization of customer relations with internal management of change projects and dialog workshops with clients, internal Change-Management-Processes, Team Synchronization, Personality Analysis.

Publications in various newspapers a. o. FAZ, SZ, MZ, Handelsblatt and various magazines (see Press)



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