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The ABC of Corporate Development:

A = Analysis

There is no effective company development without a prior phase of analysis in which is exactly defined "where the strenghts are or where the shoe pinches" and which potential exists.

B = Business conference

The communication, the joint developing and discussing of solutions gets more and more important in dynamic companies.

C = Coaching

A few hours of coaching in terms of a individual consulting enables transperancy of acting and axperience for managers. So he is able to practise an attitude which enables him to deal a better way with himself, with difficult situations, with other people or situations in his company and in the private life.

D = Diagnosis

Like in the life of everyone there are times of backpedaling, of orientation and of the decision in which amongts others also global players reshuffle cards. But acting makes only sense if there has been a prior diagnosis in the team of decision makers and a diagnosis of the previous direction and strategy.

E = Expertise for engagement of personnel

It is sensible to have made a neutral advice to assure a decision in the engagement of management personnel and to estimate the development potentialities of new employees. It is frustrating for both sides and often expensive if the candidates and/or the company find out after a few weeks that a wrong decision has been made.

F = Fusion

If a fusion is not planned psychological, organisational and strategic it easily weakens the involved companies, because a fusion absorbes time, money and energy.

G = Conversation

Over all when there are difficult communication situations it is asked for bringing up the problems open and outright and constructively. Only because there are discrepancies the other one is not incompetent or an enemy.

H = Attitude

There is very much possible in a company - provided that there is the attitude "The possiblity is the reality" (E. Husserl, Philosopher). The possible things often are not realizable until the business man sees and experiences the company fro totally new point of views., wenn Unternehmer ihr Unternehmen einmal aus völlig neuen Perspektiven sehen und erleben.

I = Identity

The impression of the company, of a product or of a marketing campaign is based on a complex charisma and a very complex process of experience. It is only possible to compass by reconstruction of this psychologic experience on the backgroung of the recognition of the company's identity.

J = Everyone

In the process of the company's development everyone in the company has to have a share in the success. Only if everyone is involved or took part in the planning of in the business objectives and only if everyone works together in realization there will be a growth process.

K = Conflict management

Relationship and conflict management through mediation is a good possibility to solve problems in the company. Mediation with support of a mediator improves the quality of relationships and helps to solve difficult situations quicker and to finish plannings.

L = Mission Statement

Every company needs a philosophy, a basis, in the constant change. It is very important to manage this at the same time when there are internal restructurings or processes for raising efficiency etc. Over all facing the changing markets and social roles and the thereby increasing pressure it is essential - parallel to the neccessary increase of efficiency - to cultivate identity and culture among others by a role model.

M = Moderation

A moderation leads through conference processes, gives suitable methods for adaption and points to the deeper sense of subjects, to difficult situations and misunderstandings etc. and a moderation supports the realization in a process debate..

N = Succession

The problem of succession can be solved without big difficulties in using strategic and over all early enough consultancy.

O = Orientation

The way to an efficient future of an company can only be:
Orientation at the company itself and at the market/clients instead of orientation at return!Because dominante orientation at return may lead to demotivation over all in technology driven companies or generally companies which have good ideas and are creative.

P = Personality Analysis

A personality analysis does not only make transparent the structure of personality but it also shows blockades and the development potentialities. Each individual sees the right positioning in work and obtaines clearness for the own functions in life.

Q = Quality

Quality is not longer only important with products but more and more with the relationship and the cooperation with clients, partners and employees. This idea of quality is not alien to holistic thinking and acting companies.

R = Role of the advisor

Direct and good contact to the management and many employees is at least as important as the analysis itself. As a manager on time the advisor has got often a constructive warning function. That means he removes himself out of the company after project has been worked out and so he gets the neccessary distance so as not to become part of the system and loose his neutrality.

S = Strengths and improvable aspects

Only companies which know their strengths and their development potentialities are able to develop accordingly.

T = Team Synchronization

Someone who faces challanges knowingly and who activates the internal completion potentialities is able to managme them - best through constructive cooperation with the team. Temporary, virtual, interdisciplinary and multi cultural teams have to form and suffer from permanent restructuring.

U = Realization

Professional consulting and support with the realization of the results of an analysis is therefore in demand. On this basis it is possible to integrate i.e. realization, decision or follow-up-workshops but also interventions like conflict management or individual coaching.

V = Flexible organization of change processes

Companies have - according their internal structure - the tendence to form a figure and to keep it, maybe to head for a suffocating direction. At the same time thei have a feeling for development potentialities and a notionfor change. Every change process should live up to this paradox situation.

W = Effect Analysis

Effect Analyses see the company as a system which has got and develops an own personality like a human being. The In-depth-psychological-morphological attempt is a synthesis from qualitative (market) research, consulting concerning identity and accompanying advising in progress. It concerns the structure and the change of the company, it concerns resolving gridlocked things and taking new ways together. The change takes place constantly and it can be carried out actively inside of defined limits.

X = Mathematical unknown factor

Even with the best analysis there are from time to time unknown factors in company development, which ask for flexible reaction and reconceiving.

Y = Or the search after something totally new (greek)

Companies have often a good feeling for their development potentialities. They just need professional support.

Z = Cooperation

It does not matter if there is cooperation in one department or just in a temporary team -
the most important on the way to success is an adequate contact with clients. The cooperation has to be professional. It does not include arrogance, ignorance and nitpicking.