Dialogue processes – Location determination together with your customer

Analysis of the status of customer relations – recognizing different perspectives and their meaning

Goal: Maintaining and improving customer relations – coordinating comprehensive functional and hierarchal cooperation with customer – facilitating processes – defining concrete, customer-specific solution approaches and creating obligations – individual relationship management with regard to mutual changes!

You could make more out of the current customer relationship ...

... through a dialogue between producer and customer about mutual possibilities and developments. Business relationships are sensitive and fragile structures in a state of flux. Often there is a feeling that the relationship with the customer is a healthy one ( because we have known each other for so long and therefore know the apparent topics as well as the needs of the other and what these mean). However, changes are created in different ways through the restructuring, internationalisation for your customers (and their customers) and your own company. You can derive constructive change processes for both companies with the knowledge of the special dynamics within customer-producer relationships and through a structured procedure that takes into account the special aspects of the respective individual constellations. Management receives a clear determination of the location/state of the individual relationships to customers so that it can keep alive, secure and efficiently create business relationships under changing conditions.

Moderated Dialogue-Workshop between producer and customer

A moderated dialogue workshop between producer/service industry and customers creates an ideal basis: Within an externally moderated and guided process, basic and future oriented topics outside the daily business routine are discussed more openly and more concretely. Mutual needs and expectations, assumptions, but also ideas and desires from both sides create a transparency about the existing situation, the development of the relationship and desires for change on both sides. An alignment of future strategies and creation of suitable organisational forms, communication processes and the definition of mutual roles and responsibilities accompanies this. This is supplemented by a customer tailored catalogue of relevant topics together with a concrete plan of measures to be taken – overseen by a person of responsibility from your company.

Obligation through the commitment to a follow-up date for review

By committing to a follow-up-date for review, the necessary energy, consequence and responsibility are created and underscored by both parties.

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