Optimize (international) customer relations - Coordinate cooperation - simplify processes

Why customer intimacy and international change project management?

The internationalization of a company, of customers and suppliers require
regular restructuring and cross-country projects. In order to effectively
redesign the total value chain under different conditions (again) management
needs a clear view of the company and of its partners.
In order to design and implement working processes know-how about the
particular dynamics in customer supplier relations is needed.
The resulting international change projects require a structured project process,
considering the particularities of organizational and cross-border change processes.

The Effect Analysis is providing platform for an international change project.
Compiled from depth interviews inside the company and within customers/suppliers
transparency of the current situation, the joint history, the development of business relations
and the change wishes at both sides is gained.
Future potential will be identified.

Elements to Optimize Customer Relations

  1. Internal deduction to derive a catalog of change relevant topics from the
    Effect Analysis results - with customers and co-workers
  2. Project definition and initialization of the project team
  3. Cross-linking topics and building of work packages resp. subprojects
  4. Work in subprojects, if applicable including customers / suppliers
  5. In parallel: Interactive dialog workshops with presentation of
    the Effect Analysis and of the individual customer’s topics for / with this customer
  6. Regular reflection of project status and implementation of
    the identified change requirements – also from customer dialogs
  7. Feedback of the internal changes to the customer(s)
  8. Internal qualification - relationship management - extended and different
  9. Conclusion of project, if applicable joint events with customers / suppliers

Goals of Integrative and Interactive Exchange

The procedure aims to optimize the customer relationship and to increase the added value
by integrating the needs and change requirements of customers and suppliers.
It assures an adequate change in one’s own company to match the change of the customer.
The inner logic of the complete producer-customer system with its mutual dynamics will become transparent.
Internally, a sensitivity for the specific balance of such relationships and an understanding
of different company and work cultures will be promoted. This understanding will allow an increase
in the productivity of the cooperation with the customer.


Balanced Customer-Supplier-Relation

Alignment of company development with customer needs and demands
and total value chain (in domestic and especially international business)



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