Change Process – Action project for the Realisation of the Potential in your Company

Status: Transparency with regard to the quality of the relationship and the implications for customers and one’s own company – trend setting findings and action suggestions .

Goal: Promoting a far-reaching and lasting understanding – taking up, defining and realizing the results from the Dialogue-Workshops and/or Effect Analysis – transparent and goal oriented control of the Action Process through the implementation of the change project management process.

Topics that have come up in Dialogue Workshops with all questioned customers and employees and/or from the Effect Analysis will be gathered together. Building on this basis, you can continue to follow these aspects structurally within the company by now initiating a cross-location and -country Change Process in the company. This structured project procedure takes into account the special aspects of cross-organisational and -country change processes.

Depending on the scope of the Change Project this procedure offers and guarantees various feedback processes (see diagram).

Realisation of the potential in your company

With this you will be able to promote an understanding of different company cultures, business processes, expectations and needs. With this you will be able to increase the satisfaction within customer relations and the productivity of the cooperation. You are initiating not only specific steps of action with individual customers, but also introducing strategic, cultural, structural and organisational changes and securing these long term. In this way you will realize the potential in your company. The satisfaction of customer relations and the productivity of the cooperation will be increased.

10 Steps of an exemplary Feedback Process

  1. Effect Analysis – Analysis to support Customer-Intimacy with deep interviews (cross-functional, -hierarchical, -country) with the customers and employees involved
  2. Interactive Dialogue-Workshops for customers with presentation of Effect Analysis and the results and improvements from the Change Process with definition and establishment of future individual cooperation
  3. Parallel: Definition of immediate measures for the support and improvement of individual customer relationships with key-account-management, sales and development
  4. Parallel: Compilation of a catalogue of change relevant topics from the results of the Effect Analysis and the Dialogue Workshops – concerning all customers and employees: What does this mean for the entire organisation? What does this mean for the optimisation of relation management, for position toward customers
  5. Project development with Change Project Management (project structure plan, clarification of responsibilities of decision makers)
  6. Connecting of topics and formation of task packets, and/or sub-projects, naming of sub-project directors and initiating project teams ...
  7. Work in sub-projects, if necessary inclusion of customers/suppliers, organisation of reviews for the stabilisation of the project
  8. Feedback of topics and experiences from customer dialogues in the internal process – regular reflection of status of internal process and inclusion of the experiences made
  9. Feedback of results to customer
  10. Conclusion of project; possible joint meeting with customers/suppliers

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