Effect Analysis – Sensitivity Analysis as a Support and Improvement of Customer Intimacy

Analysis of the status of the customer relationship – by means of a neutral picture from the perspective of different customers (comprehensive in function, hierarchy, and if need be international) and employees in deep interviews – recognition of changes in complete market chain.

Goal: Transparency of the inner logic including reciprocal dynamics in the entire producer-customer-customer-system – encouragement of deeper understanding – build strategic relationship management with respect to given mutual changes.

Difference to Module 1: Should there, in addition to the improvement of individual customer relations, be a need for deeper and broader results as far as your own company and market are concerned, you may obtain these – before, or as an supplementation after the dialogue workshop with customers – with an Effect Analysis through deep interviews in your own company as well as customers. You can then produce a reliable transparency of the present situation, the common history, the development of the relations and the desire for change on both sides.

How does a company in the changing (international) market really appear to customers and employees?

At the center of this instrument are the experiences of customers and employees. This controls much more in our business world than we suppose. A so-called Sensitivity Analysis to support Customer-Intimacy-Management is useful, especially, in very close or dependency relationships. Effect Analyses reveal the company as a system that has its own personality, which is in a state of development and acts within itself and with customers. Changes in the market and in one’s own company – especially in the face of internationalisation – happen slowly and their influence and meaning for your customers is not always apparent. Especially, in close customer relationships irritations, dissatisfaction, delaying friction, blame behaviour or blockades can easily develop. It is important to know the inner logic of the special mutual dynamics in customer-producer-relationships and the entire chain.

Advantage of this sensitive measurement instrument for relationship structure

Systematic, neutral picture from the point of view of different customers (functions, hierarchical levels, countries) and one’s own employees who are involved in the relationship and its systematical evaluation. Management receives a clear and detailed picture of one’s own company by way of the results from all of the questioned customers in order to effectively (re-)structure the business network under the new general conditions. Recognition of the status, functioning, trouble areas of the relationship structure. Awareness of parallel structures, common ground and differences – through the pictures given by the customers and employees based on their experiences in order to be able to readjust the relationship. Definition of individual improvements for single customers as well as structural changes in the own company concerning strategy, organisational structure, processes, culture: adjustment of relation management within the entire organisation according to mutual changes (see final page: Advantage of having the customer describe his experience…).

Dialogue Workshops with presentation of the Effect Analysis for customers and employees and development of catalogue for relevant areas of change

This forms the basis of an effective Change Process that you can follow. A transparent and goal oriented control of the action process will be successful through the implementation of a change project management process (see Module 3).

Possibility to couple with sound business evaluation techniques

This reality based (internal-external) description can be supplemented with a before and after measurement and used as a control instrument. In this way the planned and intended changes for all involved can not only be measured but also better controlled.

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