Since 1988 Maria Kopelent has specialized in corporate development often starting with an Effect Analysis. By showing the Effect Structure – the relationship between company, customers, partners and employees – a clear and detailed picture of the company is derived. The approach:

A few people (approx. 20 – 50) will be intensively interviewed.

In contrast to classical (market) research studies that query many people using standardized questions, the Effect Analysis does not only capture attitudes but also the reasons and background for them. This leads to a better understanding of the company, its identity, culture, structure and its markets.

As a result new perspectives, recognitions and constructive suggestions will be obtained, providing a better targeted handling of problems, a more conscious development of strategies and a positive change in the company structure. Following the Effect Analysis the Effect Spiral describes the supported iterative process of implementing change (as to organizations) based on the results of the Effect Analysis.

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