Client Quotes

Statements of long time clients:

«We have often spent a lot of money on analyses but regarding the Effect Analyses with Maria Kopelent since 1992, we have always been certain that it has been worth the cost. Her work is different, it goes deeper and one gets results that are very convincing.»

(Peter Esser, Publisher, Group Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Regensburg)

«Since 1993 Maria Kopelent’s consulting has proven to be a great enrichment for Silicon Graphics. In 1996/97 she set a milestone with her work regarding our cooperation with business partners. Since 1997 she has been accompanying an additional strategic VIP dialog program. Maria Kopelent has distinguished herself through her sympathetic, consequent consultant work.»

(Erich Glaeser, Director Marketing & Channels, Silicon Graphics, Munich)

«We have had excellent experiences in working with Ms. Kopelent. For instance in a dead locked situation – the project stood still – she was able to focus the business and social interests of the team into unified action with a short, money saving meeting. The project was successfully continued. Maria Kopelent distinguishes herself through her methodical, neutral and loyal work. She possesses a great amount of Know-How in her field and a great capacity for understanding. Her work is goal oriented and gets definite results.»

(Gerhard Schoch, Manager Solution Center, Siemens Business Services, Munich)

Beisch«The Effect Analyses of the image of our company and the analyses for the improvement of the internal and external cooperation carried out by Mrs. Kopelent since 1993 have shown us effective possibilities for the optimization of our business structures. We could use the results of these analyses perfectly towards clients and business partners. As we are one of the leading companies in the sector of computer graphics and data communication we combine technical know how with marketing target group aligned. Mrs. Kopelent helped us to define our market position and so she accompanied the growth of the past years very helpfully.»

(Theo Beisch, CEO ELSA AG, Aachen)

Rodenstock« We were able to experience the work of Maria Kopelent during a difficult project concerning cooperation at highest management levels in 2000. The analytical part was carried out in a professional way with independant concepts. The communicative part was carried out with clear language and the necessary discretion. The framing part was led in an equally methodological and understanding way. Depending on the situation Maria Kopelent helped the participants with their further development with a dry-sober or humorous-spurring manner.»

(Randolf Rodenstock, Group Chairman, Optische Werke G. Rodenstock, Munich)

Wurmbrand«… During projects we have repeatedly invested our technical knowledge and organization capacity in our usual way without considering the essential success factor: to mentally prepare the entire organization with all its employees. Through her work and support Maria Kopelent has brought us into shape for an absolutely successful implementation of the biggest project in the history of Würth Austria, which was conducted with companies and employees from five countries. With her competence, her kind temper and her high adaptive abilities, Maria Kopelent was able to move even the most sceptical participants to a joint action.»

(Alfred Wurmbrand, 2004, Managing Director, Würth GmbH., Böheimkirchen. Austria)

«We have been cooperating with Mrs. Kopelent for many years now and everytime we are planning big developments in our company we trust in her experience and her high degree of empathy and also in her consequent realization. Especially in our last cooperation we could use her know-how and her methodic of Effect Analysis and respectively the model "Your Key to the Customer" very well. She helped us to develop our strengths and to identify the existing potential for development. From this last cooperation many good steps in development have been deduced for our company.»

(Alfred Wurmbrand, 2007, Managing Director, Würth GmbH., Böheimkirchen. Austria)

«"Our managers have economic and social responsibility. They act loyally towards our company and the employees. Technical competence is their strength. They are a role model and motivate." This is an excerpt from the management principles of the TÜV SÜD AG. By regular reflexions with Maria Kopelent we recognize the dimensions of the challenge and we discover again and again new possibilities to satisfy the people and the task.»

(TÜV SÜD AG, Rainer Strang, Vice President Corporate Communication, 2006/2007)

«I have been working with Mrs. Kopelent in the domains of Team Synchronization, Feedback Processes and Team or Individual Coaching. Both in the department Regensburg and in the headquarter in Munich Maria Kopelent has convinced us by her consulting and organization competence and also by her orientation on realization. All projects have satisfied our high demand of strategy development and change consulting and also our demand concerning assurance of results.»

(Günter Krenn, Director IT and Human Resources, BMW Group, Munich, 2007)



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